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The Club contact sheet is provided to club members for the purpose of communication between club members only.  Please do NOT make the data available to anyone without strict permission from the club committee.


Please contact the club secretary to provide you with our latest internal contact list

Club Event Summary 2020

  20 Mar: SSAC AGM 2020

  16 May: Stoney Shake down - 1

  23 May: Stoney Shake down - 2

  30 May: Stoney Shake down - 3

  13-14 Jun: Plymouth

  29 Jun - 3 Jul: Eyemouth

  18-19 Jul: Plymouth

  8-9 Aug:  Plymouth

  5-6 Sep: Plymouth


  18-25 Sep: Redsea wrecks



SSAC 2019 Committee Minutes


SSAC 2020 Committee Minutes

SSAC official Club Documents

Diving Slate

When arranging the dive trip please

  1. Contact DO with the list of all divers and Dive plan

  2. Designate the Dive Manager for each day

  3. DM to print this document which is our official Dive Slate. It must be filled by the  DM and returned to DO at the end of each dive trip and kept in club records

RIB VHF Radio Manual

Instruction manual for the club boat VHF radio.  All diving members should be familiar with how to use the VHF radio to make an emergency call:

07815 445807

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